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Jesus as God

Jesus as God

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"It is possible to have a very correct understanding of doctrines about Jesus, and still have ‘little or none’ of the life in Jesus. Doctrine is not life, it only points to life, which is in Jesus. For that reason, the real goal to be sought above all else, is a proper participation in the Life of Jesus Christ. As all should know, correct understanding of doctrine, or teaching, is a help toward the best life in God, or else, why was the Bible written containing so much doctrinal teaching” H A Baker.

In this small booklet, H A Baker deals with one of the many natures of Jesus. Jesus as God, Jesus as man. Who He is? What is His role in life, our life? As mediator between Man and God, being himself both God and man, what is our response to Him?As God-man, Jesus was God-mediator. ‘‘God in Christ reconciling the world to himself.’’ II Cor. 5:19.Fortunate is the man and woman who now, in this present life, confess that Jesus is Lord, and God, and experience this current life to the fullest. Let no hindrance prevent making this great confession that Jesus is Lord and God, for it is a sure, a hundred percent certain thing, that there will come a day, perhaps a sorrowful and regretful day, when there will be no way to escape acknowledging that Jesus as Lord is the Lord of all creation.


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