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H.A. Baker uses his extensive knowledge of Scripture and vast experience as a missionary for 60 years to Asia to teach about demons. He builds a strong case for believers to be aware of the fact that demons are very real. They are able to possess human bodies and communicate in human language. Some have supernatural strength; others are able to foretell the future. Demons are especially opposed to any outpouring of the Holy Spirit. If they cannot shut it down, they will bring confusion by counterfeiting God’s work. This is why we find the door for false prophecy and miracles from the world of darkness open widest whenever there is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Some churches are unaware of what is going on, others respond with fear and shut down God’s miracle-working power. H.A. Baker exhorts churches to seek the gifts and fruits of the Spirit and to make sure that they do not fall into deception. God equipped the church with all they need to succeed: the Bible, the Holy Spirit and the specific gift of discernment. Finally, no matter how intimidating the show they put on, any Holy-Spirit-filled believer is equipped to cast out demons.


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